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    My name is Gary Lee, and I did the Direct Fitness Course in Tees-side from October through to November.
    Beforehand I was a sports coach and cricket coach in schools and decided I wanted a change in my main career, and let my coaching become my hobby again, and I was 100% right to do so! During the course, I received so much help from the tutors, and others involved in the company to ensure that I got exactly what I needed to help me pass the course and learn the amount I did in 6 weeks. It was a pleasure to come under the tutelage of Gav, who really knew how to get everything across to us all, even though we had different ways of learning. I would have to say that the most rewarding aspect was the amount of in-depth knowledge we went through, and having the ability to learn from the tutors own previous experiences in the profession!
    Since qualifying, I have spent 4 months working for Xercise4Less as a self-employed personal trainer, however, I have recently opened a private training studio alongside another personal trainer, Fitness 40. I couldn’t have done this without learning what I had and through their continued support giving me the belief I can achieve anything I want in the industry; even making sure I am okay now, 6 months after starting the course.
    I would, without doubt, recommend Direct Fitness, as the training provider to turn to! Brilliant from start to finish, from the tutors to the office staff! Thank you for everything!


    Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor

    Before I completed the course with Direct Fitness, I was currently unemployed and looking for jobs and then this opportunity popped up which is something I have always wanted to become. I love the fitness and leisure industry and I am a very sporty outgoing person anyways, so this was perfect for me to be able to transfer my passion and future knowledge of being a personal trainer to help others get the most out of what they desire.

    The most rewarding thing about the whole experience was the fact we were learning within a gym so it made things easier to learn and get hands-on with the practical and theory side of things. Having a great and experienced tutor really helped as he could give us his own opinion on things and put things across easier for us to understand.

    Direct Fitness where extremely helpful, the booklets that they have provided us with have helped a lot even after the course, having them there on call for help or anything for jobs, they are always there if we need them.

    After completing the course I plan on either getting a job as an employed PT in a gym or even go self-employed.

    I am currently waiting for documents to be sorted so I can start my self-employed business as a PT in a gym, don’t get me wrong it isn’t easy but if you want it enough you will work for it

    Would you recommend people to use Direct Fitness as their training provider?
    Yes, I would as they provide great help and guidance when it comes to this kind of industry.


    Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor

    Absolutely loved doing this course, Gav was an amazing tutor, had a good sense of humour too, he broke things down really well so it was easy to learn and take in the information, I would hugely recommend this course to others, cant wait to start my new career in the new year.


    I have done my training with direct fitness a few months back, and to this day they still help me with my progression and business, since doing the course they have changed my life completely, I am finally in a career I enjoy, both tutors were great teachers! Really brought out the confidence in me I didn’t know I had. Highly recommend anyone who is looking to change their career and want to be a part of the fitness industry use direct fitness to help get you there!


    When I applied to do the 5-week intense Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training, I had been unemployed for over a a year. Feeling ready to get back into work, I wanted a new challenge but I did not want to waste months or years on retraining to pursue a new career so when I was given the opportunity to qualify as a PT within 5-weeks, I felt I had nothing to lose although I was unsure of the prospects and my future. At the time I did not see myself as typical fitness expert but had some good experience in sports development through my voluntary role in running a local Netball group – NetBeezZ and had at the time started a short Netball coaching course. Coming home after day 1 of the course I thought that I would not get through all the assessments. The course was fascinating throughout, the knowledge gained has been invaluable for a lifetime, not only for advising and supporting others but most importantly for my personal development. I developed my own exercise programme after week 3 and 6-weeks after successfully completing the course, I have set up my own business as a self-employed health and fitness coach, I am running my own outdoor bootcamp in my community, I have built up my own clientele and offer weight management programmes, fitness tests and also supply sports supplements. From being totally inactive, I have completely changed my whole lifestyle and enjoy working for myself, when I want and whenever I want!


    Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor

    I found this course with Direct Fitness I was a Biomedical Science graduate struggling to make any headway with my career. I felt like I was trying to follow a path already laid out before me rather than creating my own. I’ve always been interested in fitness but never had the time or money to pursue it as a career. When I saw the opportunity with Direct Fitness, however, it seemed too good to be true. 6 weeks and I’d be a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer! The course Direct Fitness offered was comprehensive, and the teaching by Alison Dickson was second to none. She was able to teach students with various academic backgrounds. For me, with a Biomedical Science degree, I found the scientific aspects of the course rather easy however Alison always made the extra effort to keep me interested and with her natural teaching style, I was never bored! Furthermore, Alison really helped me with my confidence as I was quite shy at the start of this course but she really brought me out of my shell! Doing this course was the best decision I’ve made since graduating! I’ve learned so much about the fitness industry and after only a couple of weeks, I was designing my own tailored workout plans. The support from Vicky and Lewis has been amazing, they were always willing to answer any questions we had and regularly checked up on us to see how we were getting on. The level of support by Direct Fitness is far above the normal standard one would expect from an intensive course like this. Furthermore, once you are fully qualified they don’t just kick you out the door, they will continue to provide support and help you kick start your career.

    Now that I’m qualified I plan to work self-employed whilst I establish a name for myself with greater goals of opening my own gym and potentially even greater aspirations of creating a restaurant tailored towards the fitness industry and healthy eating.

    I would 100% recommend this course with Direct Fitness to anyone. Out of all the providers who offer personal training courses, Direct Fitness is leading the way with regard to the quality of training and the support given. Whether you are looking to gain new qualifications or looking for a career change I guarantee this will be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have!


    Personal trainer/ fitness instructor

    On the course, what would you say was the best/most rewarding experience?
    For me personally, over the 6 weeks I have been here, my best experience would be planning for our practical assessments and then actually doing them in front of our assessor, the pride was unbelievable after all the work that has been put in by everyone.. It felt great achieving something hands down after you had invested so much time into it!

    During your course, did you receive much help and support from the company?
    Absolutely! I really really want to get across how much I was helped and supported in my time here. My tutor spent every moment ensuring we were where we needed to be and ensured we fully understood everything we were being taught. I couldn’t fault her efforts at all and it really is apparent that she loves what she does, and it wasn’t just about getting us through with a pass, it was about making us the best possible versions of us that we could be. Thank you!

    What are your plans once qualified?
    I now plan to go to university!!! It really does show something about how this company does what it does, before this, I had no want to enter back into education, after feeling as though the education system was something I really didn’t fit into, now after being on this course and really enjoying it, I have realised that it isn’t about education, it’s about me and how much I want to further my career, direct fitness has really inspired me to move on to better things, I’m now over the moon to say I will be going to university and I can not wait!

    What are you doing now?
    In September, I will be attending an access course so that I can further go onto university!

    Would you recommend people to use direct fitness as their training provider?
    Absolutely! Like I say, direct fitness has totally inspired me to further my career path in something that I love! It’s apparent that they love what they do, and that for them, it’s more than bums on seats, it’s about creating confident, professional personal trainers who feel ready to go out there and make a difference to people’s lives!


    Personal trainer/ fitness instructor

    EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE! Would 100% recommend, wish I did it sooner! Very friendly supportive good people and a well put together programme makes it very helpful and manageable. Organised very well by Lewis and Vicky, taught brilliantly by Gavin. Thank you so much guys, appreciate the opportunity


    Personal Training Success

    I have loved sports and fitness since I was of a young age, in primary school I was a gymnast and entered competitions. I was a fast runner and always took part in sports days. In secondary school, I found a new love for netball and I played on the team for my school. Once I was old enough I started going to the gym, I learned myself how to lift weights and it became a huge part of my life.

    I have suffered from mental health problems and the gym was always my therapy it helped me cope with and stress and made me feel in control.

    I was previously working on cruise ships as a health spa therapist. My contracts were 9 months long and I did this for years which I enjoyed as I got to travel and see the world. When I returned to be home in August 2016 I was feeling a little bit lost on what to do next. I knew I had enough of been away from home but yet, I didn’t know where to start at home. I wanted something new that i would love to do every day and feel passionate about.

    I had always dreamed of being a personal trainer but I often thought it was just too late for me to start over with a new career.
    When I was in the gym and if there was a personal trainer training someone I was instantly distracted and used to watch them wishing that was my job. Every time I would attend any type of fitness class I used to envy the instructors wanting to be them wishing I could turn back time and start over with my career and choose again.

    I have always wanted to be my own boss and have my own business.

    Thanks to direct fitness I now have my own business!My name is Kirsty and I am a health and fitness coach i am a normal girl who had a big dream. My passion is not only for fitness but it is to help other people go on a journey in their lives. I want to inspire other people to make a change and be the best version of themselfs. I understand the stresses that life can cause which can effect and change us as people. I am helping people not only to have the perfect body physically but to mentally be in control.

    I still can’t believe I am now a self employed personal trainer and i also have started instructing fitness classes for the gym i am based in. It’s amazing!

    Direct fitness gave me the opportunity to start a new career path. When i signed up to the 5 week intense course i didn’t believe it was real at first. I didn’t know what to expect. I had worries and doubts about it all thinking i was too old at 28 and it was to late but i was wrong. I received amazing support through out my course and felt completly comfortable.

    Direct fitness gave me a knew career and i highly recommend them to anyone wanting a new career. I admit i was afraid and i thought it was to late and they showed me that it’s never to late for anything!


    Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor

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